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What social benefits are offered by UN and most NGOs? 📚 Detailed overview.

What social benefits are offered by UN and most NGOs? 📚 Detailed overview.

📌Work in a large international organization (UN, OSCE, OPEC, IAEA, the Red Cross) is a meeting of cultures and languages, interesting tasks, a high level of responsibility and good rewards. The UN emerged after the Second World War in order to give a quick  response to international conflicts of different levels, and the most important is to be able to prevent them. Today it has 193 member states.

📌But today we will consider what is a “serious social package of a UN employee”?

– The social package consists of the salary and  the social benefits. In the United Nations there are two categories of staff – auxiliary staff – assistants, secretaries and so on, G level staff and professionals, from P1-P2 levels to the General Secretary – this is the category for which an obligatory element is a master’s degree.

The salary for professionals is calculated as follows: the basic salary is equivalent to the salary of the State Department staff in Washington. To this salary there are surcharges – post adjustment, which are calculated based on the cost of living of the country and the city in which the employee works. These adjustments can range from 0% (for example, in Cyprus there is no surcharge to the basic PA), up to 90% (in Geneva, where the cost of living is very high and the basic salary is not enough for a normal life). There are surcharges for dangerous conditions.


The next moment is a grant for education – payment of private schools for the children of employees. For example, in Geneva, the cost of training is very high and the UN pays 75% of the school expenses. There is an additional payment for the apartment and allowance for non-working members of the family (wife and children). When a person comes to work, he is paid a grant for construction (a one-time allowance so that a person can adapt in the country) and within a month a daily allowance is paid, if you need to live in a hotel and look for a long-term lease at the same time.

Together, these surcharges represent an attractive compensation package. There is also a health insurance for which the ½ contribution is paid by the UN, as well as a pension fund in which 2/3 of the payments are subsidized by the UN, and 1/3 is paid by the employee himself. The UN has a separate pension fund, it is because most of staff do not work in their own country. Working in the UN, you pay contributions to this pension fund and, retiring, have a very decent standard of living.

📌What else can serve as a motivation for a job search in such global organizations?

– First of all, it is the involvement with the world processes that take place in all spheres of human life. The UN Secretariat, although quite conservative, deals with the most pressing issues, from the fight against epidemics to the questions of war and peace.

The second point is professionalism. High-level professionals are working in the UN secretariat. The opportunity to work with these people, learn from them and progress in your profession is an excellent motivator.

And the third point is a financial motivation and a serious social and compensational package.

Good luck!

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