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TOP Reasons for working at the United Nations🌎

TOP Reasons for working at the United Nations🌎

Many of us would like to work for the good of humanity👏, but only a few dare to act. We talked with UN workers and asked what they like in this organization and reasons they consider UN best place to work at. What are these reasons?

High salaries

  • One of the reasons why many seek to work in the UN is of course high salaries (8-10 thousand dollars a month on average) and social guarantees. You can read about it here –


    A good health isurance, pension accrual, a flexible tax system (UN pays most of the taxes for their employees), allowances that offset the cost of living in the city where you work, subsidies for apartment rent (if you have to move to another region).And this is not all that the world’s most powerful nonprofit organization can offer you. If you were hired at the UN for a permanent job, then this is, in fact, a guarantee of employment for the rest of your life.


  • Work in the UN is a meeting with employees from all over the world, as the team is usually multinational. This is communication with the local population at trainings, seminars and meetings, traveling in beautiful and dangerous places, learning a new culture, language, cuisine.

Diversity of duty stations

  • Here’s what the staff say: “All offices have their own features. In Africa, I was amazed by the free schedule (it was possible to work from home or on a short schedule) and a relaxed attitude towards everything. But it didn’t influence on final result. It was pleasant to see professionalism of employees in Europe. In Central Asia, staff are very hospitable, but it is necessary to be ready to work both on days off, and in the evenings, adapting to national peculiarities.”

Comfortable working environment

  • There is a gym, a garden, several cafeterias, a library, a bank, a post office in some offices. If you need something, you can’t concentrate, something else has happened – you can take your mind off.

Work-life balance

  • If you came at 7 am to the office, then at 4 o’clock you can go home and do your own business. It isn’t obligatory for you to sit and simulate stormy activity, you need to do your job on time, but you are able to decide when to do it. Note: If you are a full-time employee, then you must work 37.5 hours a week and at least 5 hours a day.

 Easy-to-solve administrative issues

  • The UN has a G-staff who oversees administrative matters, including visa processing. This process, if you work in the UN, is much easier. Just bring your photo, sign on the application for a visa, that have been already prepared for you, leave a passport, take it when ready. That’s all.

Personal development

  • In addition to the fact that the UN always hosts a huge number of different conferences and meetings that you can visit and listen to, there are also various training sessions on personal development (for example, how to solve conflicts, yoga lessons). The secretariats have language courses (free of charge, only official UN languages).

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