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5 Vital Questions For Your Career At The Interview

5 Vital Questions For Your Career At The Interview

Sending dozens of resumes 📩 and almost as many times going to interviews👔, we perceive the long-awaited job offer as a deserved award, but remember: if you are offered a job, this is not a reason to agree. 🙂

  • What do they expect me to do at the start?

Sometimes people are so happy that they were accepted, that they forget to ask about conditions, for example, about when to go to work or what the plan is for the first weeks. Do not hesitate to ask about it – taking the initiative, you facilitate the employer’s life.

  • Does the salary suit me?

It happens that at the first interview the salary is not discussed, but if the interviewer does not touch on this topic during subsequent meetings, it is worth asking this question directly.

Employers often ask first about your salary expectations. This is a very tricky part of the interview. Because if you request a salary lower than the range for that position, the interviewer will say nothing, and you’ve just lost money. In this case, do not understate your expectations: it is better to indicate a higher salary than a lower one.

You can redirect this question to the interviewer. For instance, you can answer: “I think you have a good idea of what this position is worth to your company, and that’s important information for me to know.”

  • Does the social package suit me?

Perhaps you’re not quite satisfied with the salary, but the employer compensates this with some additional benefits. It is important not to hesitate to ask questions until you have a clear picture of what you are being offered. Find out if there is medical insurance, and what services it includes. In general, try to get as much information as you can (but do not overdo as well). 😉

  • Is workload and pace suitable for me?

People are different, and some like to work in conditions of severe stress, others are used to work in a state of calm and high concentration, some tend to sit up until the morning, others for normal health need a daily eight hours of sleep, so find out in advance which load will lie down on you, and decide whether this mode suits you or not.

  • Will this work help my career?

It is easy to be enchanted by a high salaries or social package, but do not forget that a particular place of work is just one of the bricks that shape your career, and to achieve your goal, you need to move to it, and not just bring home money twice a month.

Good luck! 🙂




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