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💰The most paid professions in the world 2018

💰The most paid professions in the world 2018

Read the TOP-5 rating of the most profitable and prestigious areas on the global labor market.

The situation on the labor market is constantly changing. Professions, which 10-20 years ago were highly paid and significant, lose their relevance. This is a normal state of affairs, because everything in the world is changing. Human needs are changing, new technologies are emerging, and science is developing. All this has a direct impact on the world labor market.

TOP-5 professions


Medic is a very popular profession. This is especially true of surgeons. To become a truly high-class specialist, you need to learn not less than 10 years. The most popular surgeons receive about 181 thousand dollars a year.


This is not just a doctor who “lulls” the patient for the duration of the operation. In fact, such a profession is very responsible. Human life often depends from the qualification and experience of an anesthesiologist. Such an employee is very important person in the operating room. The maximum annual salary of this specialist reaches 162 thousand dollars.

Senior Management

These may be presidents of associations, general and executive directors. Such positions in any organization are considered crucial, because a person is responsible for making important decisions and managing personnel. Naturally, such a responsibility should be paid well. So, the maximum annual salary of the manager reaches 135 thousand dollars.


This profession has been sung in songs and poems for a very long time. It is one of the highest paid jobs, because air transport remains still in demand. Aircraft management is a very important and complex task. The pilot must deliver passengers and cargo in integrity, following the declared route. Moreover, he must make important decisions in unforeseen situations. A person who has chosen such profession possesses endurance, boldness and determination. The maximum annual salary of the pilot is 134 thousand dollars.


According to statistics, today the demand for dental services exceeds the supply 4 times. Although the number of dental centers around the world is constantly growing, this niche can not be called fully occupied. Approximately 10 years ago this profession was considered predominantly masculine, but today many women choose for themselves a career in dentistry. The maximum annual salary of such a specialist is 132 thousand dollars.

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