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We continue to consider the most highly paid professions this year. Who will receive a good salary in 2018?

Market Analyst

It’s no secret that selling and buying various products is one of the ways to earn money. Of course, this must be done wisely. Market analysts know everything about buying and selling. They collect and then carefully analyze the information. One of their tasks is to forecast the situation on the market. Such data is always very important for large businessmen. The maximum annual salary of analysts is 111 thousand dollars.


Many large companies are trying to comply with all the norms of the current legislation. But, the reality is that the regulatory framework often changes. In order not to go beyond the boundaries, organizations hire one lawyer or a whole department. The most experienced and highly qualified specialists earn 110 thousand dollars a year.

IT specialist

Information and computer technologies are highly valued in the modern world. IT professionals can understand this very well. These workers protect data from leakage, do not allow hacking sites, discourage virus attacks, and develop new software. Thanks to the best specialists, our everyday life is simplified every day.
Because of this reason the maximum annual salary of representatives of this profession can reach 105 thousand dollars. It is worth noting that the demand for IT services is constantly growing. More and more companies need competent programmers, developers and system administrators. Perhaps in a couple of years the IT specialist will advance in the ranking of the highest paid professions.

Advertising Manager

Today, there is a clear competition on the market between manufacturers of different scale. Not every organization can stay afloat. Manufacturing of quality products is not enough for this. We need good advertising and a thoughtful marketing strategy. Only a highly skilled advertising manager can achieve success and attract the maximum number of customers. The maximum annual salary of this specialist is 100 thousand dollars.

Breeder and genetic engineer

Today, the problem of hunger all over the world is very acute. The maximum increase in population is observed in underdeveloped countries, where there is a shortage of food. That is why it is very important to increase the productivity of crops. Thus, new varieties of corn, recently bred, helped to save a lot of Africans. So experienced breeders, along with genetic engineers receive up to 97 thousand dollars a year.

Of course, this list will change with time. Some professions, for example, a surgeon, an IT specialist, an analyst and a breeder, will surely retain their positions. Experts assure that in the near future the demand for engineers, nano-technologists and ecologists will increase. Accordingly, these professions will be among the most highly paid.

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